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In the Spirit Awards was created to recognize and salute great men and women who consistently demonstrate, on a daily basis, the epitome of being a dynamic and respected leader.

Their loving support and accomplishments are phenomenal. You may also find them reaching out and serving the community to ensure that the continued vitality and needs are met to provide sustainability for others.

We acknowledge the great achievements of our honorees for they have significantly contributed to enhancing the quality of life for others to excel and pursue their endeavors.

They guide, inspire, educate, stimulate and enlighten human minds to the reality that you can achieve success in your journey of life while you boldly reach out and attain the desires of your heart for prosperous living.

We know and believe that everything we do and have is all God. Take time to be still and listen to the small voice inside and know that the Creator can give you the answer to whatever you need to know.

I focus on Spirit and my joy expands!


Elgintine Dudley, Senior National Account Manager, for Carver Hotel Group. (CHG)  She is responsible for focusing on deepening client relationships within the CHG Task Force account base and penetrating the market to secure new business and foster relationships, within the Task Force Division.  

She secures experienced hospitality professionals for assignments to work as Task Force Consultants, at various Hotel and Resorts through the USA. She is an Associate with Jo Roberson Edwards & Associates.(JREA) we are consultants and the planning team to execute seminars, meetings and events, locally and nationwide.  

Ms. Dudley, is also the Founder of In the Spirit Awards, an organization established in 2010 and was created to recognize and salute great men and women, who demonstrate on a daily basis the epitome of being an outstanding leader.  She plans, oversees and executes their annual Honoree Gala.

She completed the (TBS) Turner’s Emerging Leadership Program through the Governor’s Mentor Protégé Program, and the National Business Enterprise Program from the office of the SBA.  She has received many certificates accolades and community service awards. She is a Honorary Member of Women of Distinction (WOD) and was selected as a 2014 Georgia Gem by (WOD) for her unwavering commitment to serve.

Ms. Dudley, is committed to serving the community with her time and resources. She has served as Chair for the Pre & Post VIP Receptions, for the prestigious Trumpet Awards.  She served as Co-Chair of The Parade of Mask for the illustrious Mayors Masked Ball. Chair for Women Who Care, with SCLC. She has volunteered her time and talent with the Atlanta Business League, Public Broadcasting, YWCA, March of Dimes, Susan G. Komen, Camp Village, and Make a Wish Foundation.

She is a member of The National Coalition of 100 Black Women. (Decatur/Dekalb Chapter) A Board Member for Girls on a Journey,  a group home for girls. Ms. Dudley, currently serves a Board member for the Sherry Adams Preparatory Academy. And on the Advisory Board Member of Rising phenomenal Women. (WOD) And the former Executive Director, for the Mary Parker Foundation.


Pastor Dr. Gregory L. Pollard, is the Visionary Leader of The Enon Church, has served as the senior Pastor/Teacher for 24 years. At the start, the membership boasted approximately 165 members; due to the growth within the community, congregational membership grew to exceed over 2,300. Dr. Pollard is modest when talking of membership and numbers because his God ordained vision has not been to focus on the gathering of congregants, but to instill the reverence of God in individual lives that would result in CHANGE.

The first phase of the vision was completed in 2004 within the realm of the 132nd anniversary of the church and within the shadows of the historical landmark known to many as Enon Baptist Church. The vision continues as Dr. Pollard make plans to purchase additional land, construct a full balcony, erect a multifunctional gymnatorium, build a billowing family life center and create a learning center built on the standards of excellence.

Dr. Pollard strives to make strong community impact through multiple outreach ministries while becoming intricately involved within the lives of many, The Enon Church has been availed to advance the Kingdom. Nestled within the metropolitan Atlanta area of South Fulton County, Enon has been utilized as a metropolis within the city of College Park by hosting various programs, conferences, workshops and seminars.

 The late Tommy Henry Carter and the late Jessie Lee Pollard reared a warrior for the Lord. At the tender age of seven, a young Gregory joined Tabernacle Baptist Church where he began preaching the Gospel at the age of fifteen and where he also received his first ministry assignment as Youth Pastor. His dedication allotted him a promotion which transitioned into the position of Assistant Pastor.


Vice Chair

Denise Winston, is a Senior Business Manager in the Mobility & Entertainment Customer Experience organization at AT&T. She is responsible for the contract management for some of AT&T’s premiere Information Technology Suppliers specializing in managing contract financials.  Denise also serves as Treasurer on the Board of Director for the Women of AT&T VA/DC chapter.

From an early age, Denise learned the importance in giving back to your community which has allowed her to become a dominant force within both the Atlanta, Georgia and the Northern Virginia areas.  Denise’s strong faith values and beliefs make her a powerhouse for eliciting and facilitating change.

She is a lifetime member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., (AKA) and has held various Leadership positions within many non-profit organizations.  Denise, has served on the Board of Directors for multiple organizations and is the former President, and was a founding member for Women of Distinction, Inc (WOD).  

Denise also loves mentoring young females and currently mentors AT&T’s high school interns especially those who are pursuing a career in Information Technology.  Additionally, Denise’s volunteer efforts in the community has allowed her the opportunity to work with such legends as Xernona Clayton, Founder/CEO of The Trumpet Awards Foundation and Don Jackson, Executive Producer of The Stellar Awards for many years. For her many years of community work, Denise was honored as a 2018 Georgia Gem.

Denise takes time for herself daily for inner peace and self-reflection and journals her life events. She is most proud of her three children, family and friends and enjoys spending quality time with them. Denise is most thankful to God for blessing her with the strength and passion to know the importance of giving back to our communities and striving to empower our younger generation.  

Chief Finance Officer

Valerie Jordan, is an experienced professional in pretrial services. She has been with Fulton County since 2005 and is currently the Deputy Director of Pretrial Services.  She serves as the Multi-Jurisdictional Liaison for the City of Atlanta Pretrial Services.

She is responsible for planning strategic approaches to the supervision of defendants released to Pretrial Services.  She assisted in the merger of Fulton County State Court Pretrial Services and Superior Court Pretrial Services, the first of such mergers within Fulton County Government.

Ms. Jordan also is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the Fulton County Unified Justice Case Management System (UJCMS/Odyssey) which integrated the County’s many criminal justice systems.  She was instrumental in the development of the Pretrial Module of Odyssey and continues to be responsible for training and assists with technical/business process support.

She has also served as the Multi-Jurisdictional Liaison for the City of Atlanta Pretrial Services.  She researched conflicts and ambiguities in statues, rules, policies and procedures applicable to criminal justice agencies.  In addition, she prepared publications and presentations for conferences and other forums, compiled and prepared statistical analysis and reporting documents as ordered by appropriate legislation.  

Ms. Jordan, received the Justice for Girls-Women Who Care award, from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. She is a long time member of Hillside International Truth Center where she serves as the Chairperson for the Greeters Ministry.  She is the lead facilitator of the Leadership Council, comprising of the leaders of the church auxiliaries.  Ms. Jordan, is President/CEO of VJ Enterprises, whereby she provides desktop publishing and administrative assistance.

Media/Marketing Manager

Niakehsa Woodley, is the President and CEO of The Woodley Brand, which is home to the Soft Skills College Tour, a program comprised of training, workshop and seminars. The platform provides assistance to college students and young adults to transition from college to a successful career. Soft skills play an integral role that equips students with the right skills required in business and life.

Our program can also accommodate organizations in need of soft skills training for their workforce. Soft skills reflect your personal attributes that enables you to engage well with other people. A key part of this is the importance in developing your interpersonal skills which is how we interact with other people.

Niakesha, is an experienced and certified Human Resource leader with 20 years inside the industry. She has honed a most note worthy and illustrious career that has afforded her a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. She is also a professional career blogger, whereby she shares career tips and resource information online.

She partners with various colleges and universities to develop the next generation of leaders in order to remain a competitive and global workforce. And she also serves as Founder and Executive Director for Diversity for the STEM Outreach Project, Inc. Her nonprofit that promotes early intervention and exposure for students from grades K-12. Along with pursuing STEM subjects to develop and prepare our leaders of tomorrow.

She is committed to upholding the core values Education, Collaboration, and Equality for all of our youth. Niakesha, was nominated and attended the United States of Women Summit in Washington, DC. During the summit she met with former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, for our outreach efforts on addressing gender equality for STEM. She gives back to the community by volunteering with many organizations.

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